Partner with HunterStone to find the right talent.

What sets us apart in this industry is my commitment and dedication to finding the perfect fit for your role while offering the highest standards of service using my own experience in commercial construction management.

We won’t just find your “on-paper” match, we’ll find the perfect person for your role, on paper and in person.

After learning about your needs in meticulous detail and analysing your business, we’ll find you candidates with the right balance of aptitude and behaviours to fit your business culture. We believe the best performing teams have a finely-tuned balance of skills and behaviours which work to complement each other.

For your business to thrive, every hire must be a great hire, not just another hire.

Whatever the scenario, HunterStone understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with these situations, and our industry expert Lee can provide the right talent you need.

At Hunterstone, we go beyond mere role-filling.

Finding the right talent is not just about the present, but also about future success. That’s where Lee’s years of expertise come in. Lee can provide you with recruitment solutions that align with your long-term goals, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for your organisation.

Customised Recruitment Solutions for Your Business

Matching the right talent with the right role, precisely when you need it.